Monday, December 8, 2014

Hatch, New Mexico

I'm so behind on blog posts. I have pictures I took on our trip back from the east coast this Fall and pictures from our dinosaur hike at Clayton lake that I wanted to post. A few weeks ago, we went to Hatch, New Mexico and I took a bunch of pictures but I've been waiting to post them until I caught up on my other posts. I finally decided to just start posting the more current pictures and then maybe go back this winter and post some of those earlier pictures.

There is something about Hatch that I really love. It's a small town, known worldwide for having the best green chiles in the world. It was my birthday that day and I went a little crazy buying green chiles. I ended up with about 10 pounds! I've already used about 2 pounds (green chile stew, green chile cornbread, green chile pizza, etc) so maybe I wasn't so crazy to buy so many.

There are several places in town to buy the chiles and all of them have really colorful pottery and folk art displays out front. Here are some pics I took at the different stores we visited.

There is a man in town who collects the kind of giant roadside statues you use to see on businesses around the U.S., like Muffler Men, giant chickens, etc. He owns a small restaurant where he has a lot of his collection but he also has them placed at other businesses throughout the town. I love this kind of thing. Here are just some of the many that we saw that day along with a few other quirky things he had in front of the restaurant.

It was a gray, cloudy day but we had a beautiful drive from where we were staying in Caballo down to Hatch and back. We saw lots of chile fields but what really surprised us were the cotton fields. I didn't know they grew cotton there but we saw it everywhere. This was late November but they were just starting to harvest it.

I'll end this post with a few pictures from around our campsite at Caballo Lake State Park. Thanks for visiting.

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