Saturday, December 8, 2012

Texas Update

As most of you know from my Facebook posts, we've been in Texas for the past two weeks, buying a motorhome and getting the Jeep inspected, titled, etc. We left the Livingston area yesterday and moved to Spring, Tx near the dealership where we are getting our motorhome. We went in this morning and finished signing all the papers. We'll be taking possession of it Wednesday and will probably stay in their lot a night or two to get use to things and make sure everything works

I finally have an afternoon free so I thought I'd update the blog with some random pictures from Livingston since that's technically my new hometown. We were downtown yesterday and I snapped a few pictures of the water tower, movie theater and courthouse ...

It's a pretty typical small Texas town. I liked it. I really liked the park we were in. That was in Onalaska, Tx. I posted a picture from there the other day but here are two more. The first is another shot of the lake and the second is this weird playground they had that I think is some kind of water sprinkler park. I thought it was cool looking...

I've been debating about how many pictures of the new motorhome I want to post on the blog. I think I'll wait until we are in it and have some nice pictures of the exterior in a pretty setting and post them on Facebook. It's very pretty and we're super-excited about it so here is a preview shot of the interior...
Our (tentative) plan is to return to this park next weekend since it is so close to the dealership. That way, our first drive is a short one and we're still nearby if we need to get something checked. Then we plan to head to a state park or Corps of Engineer campground. We're very anxious to get out of the Houston area and into a more natural setting and there are several parks not too far from here that should be perfect. I love researching parks and routes so this is the fun stuff.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I'm liking the wood floors as opposed to carpet. It sure would help me with Emma's hair if I had wood. :)

  2. Thanks Judy. The wood floor is one of our favorite features. We were going to have that done if the one we bought didn't have them. We'll probably do a bit of redecorating to brighten it up a bit. We eventually want to get a dog, too, so I'm sure I'll really love the wood floors then. -Pam