Monday, July 28, 2014

Leaving Las Vegas

We've been in Las Vegas, New Mexico for about two months now.  We alternated our time between Storrie Lake State Park and Pendaries RV Park in Rociada, NM.  Pendaries is a Passport America park about 15 miles north of Storrie Lake with large sites and lots of privacy. We don't usually like private parks but Pendaries is an exception. It is situated in a beautiful pine forest in the Mora Valley and almost looks more like a state park than a private park.
Pendaries RV Park-Rociada, NM

Our site at Pendaries-Nice and big!   

Mora Valley

Most of our time here has been spent just taking care of some things in the motorhome we've been wanting to do for a while. Las Vegas is a good town for running errands and working on projects because there are plenty of stores near the state park. Our big project was to remove the heavy, uncomfortable sleep sofa and replace it with a window seat. It turned out really nice. Larry built a frame and I bought a king-size, 4inch memory foam topper and cut it to fit the frame. I doubled the foam so the cushion is 8 inches and very comfortable. There is a lot of storage space underneath for my jewelry supplies so I finally have a great place to work. We also removed the big television and replaced it with a flat-screen. I think we probably got rid of over 500 pounds of weight and that's always a good thing in a motorhome.
Storrie Lake State Park
Storrie Lake

We've been doing some fun things, too. We've gone to the Plaza in Las Vegas several times. We love to just walk around the Plaza but we also went there for a farmer's market and a Fourth of July fiesta. 


Our Farmer's Market finds

Fiesta crowd

These little girls posed for me at the fiesta.

Fiesta dancers

More dancers
 The fiesta was so nice that we went back a second day. There was music and dance groups and lots of good food. 

Rociada is near  Mora, N.M. We went there last year to see the Alpaca farm and Salman Raspberry Ranch and liked it so much we drove up there again this year. We will miss raspberry season again this year but we like to walk in their garden and visit the store for raspberry goodies. I'm determined to hit raspberry season next year!
Alpaca Farm

Alpaca Farm

Can you see the Alpacas hiding in the weeds?

Alpaca Farm

Alpaca Farm

Garden at Salman Ranch

Salman Ranch Store

Mora also has a pretty cool store for local artists and weavers. We stopped there and looked at all the beautiful rugs and crafts. They use a lot of local wool and have a big mill there where they create their own yarns. It was a nice stop but we didn't stay long because it was making me itch.

We're planning to leave here tomorrow and head to Colorado and then into Kansas. We need to start making our way East for the big wedding.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for visiting!


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    1. It was nice to meet you! We'll be back in New Mexico this Fall so we'll probably bump into you again. Hope your foot heals soon.